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Inspired to be the technology leader of tomorrow and steadfast in our mission to empower the visionaries, the proverbial name Acestar Sdn Bhd is the undisputed brand when it comes to corporate IT solutions. Over the past eight years we have achieved rocket growth way beyond expectation. Our dedication in the IT industry since the very first day was acknowledged. A world without borders are transforming the people, and it is here at Acestar that dreams are made and realized.

Since year 2008, we have been banking on technology to maximize human potential, and deliver what they cannot. Our top corporate clients are always looking to find the competitive edge in the ultra challenging business environment, and they depend us to deliver technology solutions to help them achieve even more.

The IT industry is ever evolving, so are we. Our customer centric approach ensures that satisfaction is always our number one priority. It is but not only expertise and professionalism that matters, our team serves with passion, patience and commitment to ensure nothing ends up lost in translation.The market believed in us then and they believed in us even more now. As a leader on national level at present, the common thread in our heritage is still the unwavering commitment to the customer.

Following the rapid growing in demand, Acestar took the plunge into corporate IT holistic solutions provider in parallel with our rapid growth and focused proficiencies. We are the trusted brand and natural choice for a wide breadth of global corporations in different industries, manufacturing, small and medium enterprises, government sectors, healthcare providers and educational institutions.

From servers and storage, network environment, virtualization, project implementation and management, software solutions, security to technical support, we are the expert in providing end-to-end IT services to help lower their total cost of IT ownership. Acestar is nothing less than their consultant, their problem solver and their friend. It is no wonder that we stand on top of their Chirstmas wish list.

With the recognition we have today we are still ever ambitious, pushing the limits and setting the benchmark high beyond the ordinary and vision far beyond the horizon. By 2013, the company has its best solutions portfolio ever and celebrates one of the largest market share in the country. Acestar, as the name suggested, aspires to be the most important and brightest player in the country and eventually, the global platform.

Acestar is both aspired and inspired to become a modern and comprehensive IT solutions provider for the corporate world and government agencies in both proactive and innovative manner, the icon for IT system integrated creating waves in the IT culture in the country, moving towards the Asian market.

To be the reliable IT total solutions provider for our clients maximizing potential with innovation, cost effectiveness, wide sourcing network, efficient planning and value added execution, hence creating demands instead of sheer fulfillment.

At Acestar, responsibility is woven in our very soul. We pledge only reliability, practicality and highest of satisfaction to our valued clients and society

Acestar strongly believes in client satisfaction. Hence there was never a case too big or a case too small. We look only to help our clients in every possible way from the largest of network environment or most complicated virtualization to the smallest problem solving matter, we ensure a smile is left behind when we depart from our clients office. Our approach is always to put ourselves in their shoes, to study and comprehend our clients' true needs in order to provide best solution with cost effectiveness. We seek to be the answer to all the computing and technological predicaments for our valued corporate clients, eliminating down time and capitalizing on a problem free IT environment.

At Acestar we emphasize on expertise and precision. We deeply believe in doing it right at the very first attempt. Quality and reliability are therefore ensured much to the delight of our clients. We are renowned for our professionalism, experience and ability to fulfill tasks requirements promptly, efficiently and amicably. We have been able to accomplish what others could not and doing what others would not. We know the secret to stabilize, optimize and enhance. With that we have been, and still is, the reason everybody thinks of us when it comes to total corporate IT solutions. Acestar's clientele is both impressive and proven, and we all know huge corporations only select the cream of the crop as their vendors. To name some of them such as Petronas, Media Prima Group, Hong Leong Group, University Malaya, Maxis, Malaysia Nuclear Agency, our track record speaks for itself naturally.

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Our Team

Acestar has been the name of trust for the past years, and it is down to our superb team that had this outstanding brand built little by little. We share a single goal, which is to ensure customer satisfaction. We had that mission instilled in our very minds and motivation woven into our souls. That has been, naturally, the ingredients which formed a dynamic and productive team like no other.

In a competitive world without borders, we recognized what it takes to be the best and continue to be one. It is either you are a self upgrading professional or a self eliminating mediocre, hence heavy emphasis is placed on education and efficiency.

Consistant trainings are always being held to ensure our team is proactive and on par with not only the best in the country, but the the world. Top notch systems are too being implemented to ensure efficiency such as the usage of CRM sales system. On teamwork, Acestar believes in the magic of team performance rather than a one-man-performer, to compliment the strength and eleminate the weakness of each other. The big family of Acestar is brilliant, united team that functions as one, which aspires to be the best of the best in the world of corporate IT solutions.

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