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Inspired to be the technology leader of tomorrow and steadfast in our mission to empower
the visionaries, the proverbial name Acestar Sdn Bhd is the undisputed brand
when it comes to corporate IT solutions.



Education and healthcare the cornerstones for modern society. As society progresses we need better processes and tools to manage these industries. Acestar can help your endeavor in these industries to succeed.

  • Licensing of educational software
  • Student versions of commercial software
  • Hospital records and management systems
  • Custom software for hospitals


Corporate Enterprises

As your organization grows it will need solutions which will help you keep track and structure the knowledge and learning you have gathered over the years. You will also need to streamline your processes to achieve that high RoE you strive for. Our enterprise IT solutions help you do this and much more. We follow a structured approach to enterprise problems.

  • DLP solutions
  • Server and Storage
  • Virtualization
  • Commercial software Licensing



Small and medium industries and enterprises are leading the way for the developing world. We would like to be a part of this growth story to help build business which will sustain the test of time and emerge victorious. We have a range of products which will help your business reach the global scale.
Some products which can help you are

  • Our server and virtualization solutions
  • Our Modelling software like 20sim
  • Network design services


Public Sector

The public sector of any country is one of its most important sectors. The public sector impacts the functioning of the entire economy and thus it is essential that the public sector work at utmost efficiency.

It is characteristic of government agencies, educational organizations, nonprofit organizations and training centers to license software for internal use. If you are in the Public Sector Acestar can help you to develop a global IT infrastructure even with a modest budget.