STARCARE - Managed Services

We take care of your IT needs,
While you take care of your business!

Managing today’s desktop environments and planning for future needs requires a wide range of skills and capabilities to troubleshoot, resolve and plan. Over-burdened IT staff and unreliable workstations can seriously impact your organization’s bottom line. Most organizations do not have the comprehensive and nationwide support needed to keep their employees productive and their businesses operational. StarCare Managed Desktop services provides you with the national and local resources and services you need to support high availability.

Problem Features Benefits
Unpredictable asset breakdown disrupt the business operation, lower down the productivity Proactive Preventive Maintenance Improve desktop performance & reduce downtime.
Conserves the life span of the equipment.
Manual excel file record Asset Management Comprehensive Asset Inventory Report on demand.
Hard to hire and retain the IT staff Breakfix-onsite support including parts & labour Reduce the hassle to source for the parts from different vendors.
Hard to reach the IT staff as they always
tied up to support all the IT related issues
Helpdesk Helpdesk for remote support/troubleshooting helps
minimal user disturbance.
Resources might be limited/ not available
by the time you need it, problem cannot be solve in the short period.
Service Level Agreement
4 hour response time
8 hour resolution time
Resources is always available to ensure the pre-defined
set of expectations and services are delivered.
SLA ensure your certainty, clarity and confidence that the problem will be solved in the agreed period.
Operation affected when machine is down Loan Unit Minimal downtime to ensure business operation continuity.
Too many types of software licenses with different type of deployment ways. Software Deployment -Deploy client application, software packages, instantly. Save on manual rollouts and errors.
Unpredictable cost to repair the machine Predictable annual fixed cost Improve financial ratio by reduce capital expenditure.
A fixed annual payment plan means you know what you're going to get and how much it's going to cost over the contract.

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