Today, Acestar is a leading ICT company and a preferred IT Supplies & Services Provider in the Education & Enterprise sectors within Malaysia.

Acestar has, to-date, delivered more than 12000 seats of Adobe Creative Cloud licenses within Malaysia which acts as a complete solution for the creative industries such as design, production and animation among others. Cloud Licenses by and large improve application performances for businesses by leaps and bounds.

Our Team

Acestar has been the name of trust for the past years, and it is down to our superb team that had this outstanding brand built little by little. We share a single goal, which is to ensure customer satisfaction. We had that mission instilled in our very minds and motivation woven into our souls. That has been, naturally, the ingredients which formed a dynamic and productive team like no other.

In a competitive world without borders, we recognized what it takes to be the best and continue to be one. It is either you are a self upgrading professional or a self eliminating mediocre, hence heavy emphasis is placed on education and efficiency.

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